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Chocolates so good they almost feel wrong

Surprise and delight your guests with chocolates so fresh, so delicious, they almost feel wrong.

Don't miss the experience of seriously fresh chocolates

If you haven't tried ultra fresh ganache, you're missing out. And friends don't let friends miss out. Especially in serious matters, like chocolate.

Does this sound conceited?
Not at all.

We've been a customer from the very beginning. Always top quality. Fair, flexible and innovative. Thank you, Candide

Stephan Hentschel
Cookies Cream Restaurant Berlin

Life is better with fresh chocolates

99,9% of experts agree, that life is better with chocolate. Especially, when your chocolates are life-altering little pieces of heaven. (Thank you, Natalia)

False claim?
No. Absolutely verified magic.
Daniel Budde

Dedicated to sharing flavors

How a boy from Franco-East-Westphalia grew up to share his talents with the world.

Why they're so amazing

Pretty much all chocolate is tasty, right? Here are four reasons, why these are better.

Much much much much much much better.
Yes, much better.
Seriously fresh

We make them fresh and delivery them fresh - within hours, not months. Fresh is better. Seems obvious, but unfortunately it's not.

No additives, no extra sugar

Because we don't use huge machines and don't extend our shelf-life, we don't need additives, like sugar. Which means you can enjoy great flavors without the extras you don't want.

Real cocoa, real chocolate

We use single-origin cacaos sourced directly from 7 different regions across the globe. Which means that you can enjoy pure varietals while supporting positive global impact.


He's shy and humble, but let's be honest: Daniel Budde makes seriously tasty things. Each chocolate is a small piece of magic, for you to bring home and share with your friends.

Happy people are better people
Couldn't agree more

You look like you want to be happy all the time

Which means, you need more chocolate. 

The problem is, most chocolate promises to make you happy, but actually makes you feel bad.

We understand how bad it feels to be taken advantage of. Which is why we make the good stuff: Chocolates made from the best of ingredients by flavor genius Daniel Budde.

You buy them, you put them in your mouth and you feel like a million bucks. Contact us for more information on where to get them. And start being way too happy, all the time.

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